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Why Every Driver Needs Australian Made Sheepskin Car Seat Covers


Why You Should Never Buy Cheap Sheepskin Car Seat Covers

Being comfortable in the car can never be taken for granted – especially when you have a hot climate like we have here in Western Australia. When it comes to car seat covers, these are perfect for keeping you cool in the heat of summer and nice and toasty in the winter months. You may think that a sheepskin seat cover is just a sheepskin seat cover, however, finding the right sheepskin car seat covers can be a bit of a hard job.

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It’s crucial to buy your sheepskin seat covers from a trusted manufacturer such as Eagle Wools. This way, you are assured of complete Aussie-made quality using only the best premium-quality sheepskin. It can be tempting to have a look at the auction sites online and to order a cheap and (supposedly) cheerful set of covers, however, you’re just setting yourself up for a fall.

You may be thinking that all sheepskin covers are the same. They’re made from sheepskin, right? Well, that is not entirely true. When you buy cheap, you’re not guaranteed that you are even getting real sheepskin. This is especially true if you buy online from a country who may not have all the manufacturing standards and consumer protection we have here in Australia. Also, cheap sheepskin covers tend to be made from offcuts. This can result in the covers feeling rough against your skin, not to mention the potential colour variations. The stitching in cheap sheepskin seat covers can also be haphazard causing them to fall apart and not be anywhere near as robust as the real deal.

Sheepskin Car Seat Covers

We’ve been lovingly handmaking sheepskin seat covers since 1979. So, when you’re buying sheepskin car seat covers, always buy quality, Australian and handmade from Eagle Wools.

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