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Choosing the Right Car Seat Cover Material for Your Car

Your car seat covers are probably not something you give a lot of thought to. However, the material they’re made from is actually pretty important depending on your specific needs. With this in mind, we’ve put this blog together to see how the most common car seat cover materials compare with each other.  Take a look!


A type of synthetic rubber, neoprene is durable. Not only that but neoprene seat covers are growing in popularity due to the wide range of interesting prints and colours available.


The most popular look for vinyl car seat covers is imitation leather. Vinyl covers are less expensive than buying real leather and they look pretty authentic too. These seat covers are available in different finishes. The covers are popular due to being resistant to spills and moisture. In fact, all they ever really need when they’re dirty is a quick wipe down.


Denim car seat covers are durable as you will imagine. They’re made from heavy-duty fabric so are often a popular choice for service vehicles. Denim is also a good option for active people looking for car seat covers Perth-wide. Say you have a dog or kids; denim is robust enough to be hard-wearing as well as being easy to wash and dry.


Canvas is another excellent choice if you need something that’s hard-wearing and durable in your car. It’s very well-suited to service vehicles and to people who enjoy the outdoors as you can just wipe any dirt, mud or dust away quickly. Additionally, canvas is more resilient than other car seat materials. It is rip, spill and tear-resistant. It’s also less likely to wrinkle or to bunch up while you’re using your vehicle.


Sheepskin seat covers are both practical and comfortable. Not only that but they look great too. In the warmer months, you’ll never burn yourself on a sheepskin car seat cover. All you’ll feel is wonderful, cushioning, moisture-wicking softness. Sheepskin car seats are so supportive that they’re great for use when you’ve a distance to drive. Also, when the weather turns colder, what could be better than sinking into a cosy sheepskin seat?

Choosing the right car seat covers is a personal choice. Whether you’re always driving your kids from place to place or you love nothing better than taking your dog to the beach, the right cover is out there. Installing sheepskin seat covers and the like preserves the look of your vehicle’s interior.

Here, at Eagle Wools, we make our own custom car seat covers. When you buy from us, you can be sure that you’re purchasing a quality product that’s 100% Australian. We use only the finest materials and we completely guarantee the workmanship and quality of every sheepskin seat cover we make. For custom seat covers that will keep you cosy and warm in the winter and that won’t leave you hot and sweaty in the summer, Eagle Wools is the local leader in our field.

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