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How to Find Discounted R.M. Williams Boots

If there are two things we Aussies love, it’s looking good but not having to pay overinflated prices for it. When it comes to R.M. Williams, the brand has universal appeal. Everyone can wear these boots and everyone does. But why is that? It’s due to the quality workmanship and care that goes into each and every pair. As you can imagine, this type of quality doesn’t come cheap so if you can find RM Williams boots Perth for a discount, it’s well worth taking the plunge.

There are various R.M. Williams Clearance Outlets dotted around our big cities where it’s possible to buy a decent pair of RM Williams boots for as much as half the usual price. And, the boots on sale in these places are not just factory seconds, there are lots of perfectly good items of footwear on offer there too.

So, what’s the catch? Well there really isn’t one. There are various reasons clearance outlets sell RM Williams Perth-wide for cheap. For example:

  • End of season. As with all fashion, boot styles change. So, when it comes to the end of season, some extra stock gets sent on to the clearance outlets.
  • Factory seconds. Boots with slight cosmetic defects are known as factory seconds. Now, there is never anything that’s structurally wrong with these boots. They might have a few marks right enough such as minor scratches and so on.
  • Old stock. Old stock could be anything that has just been forgotten about or missed. When these boots are found, they’re often then sent on to outlets.
  • Made to order. Occasionally customers either change their minds or just don’t pick up their specially made boots. If you come across a pair of these then you’re very lucky indeed!

Of course, no one can predict exactly what sizes and styles will be in a specific store at any given time, however, you’re likely to find all the most popular ones. If you’re intent on getting a particular style, check either at the beginning or end of the week as this is usually when new stock comes in.

If you’re wondering about what sort of prices you’ll have to pay, the vast majority of boots will be between $275 and $400 approximately. It’s probably not worth paying as much as $400 for certain pairs though as for a bit more money you could pick yourself up a pair of brand-new R.M. Williams boots that are in perfect condition.

When it comes down to it, your choice of boots is a personal thing. Yes, there is a decent enough selection available in these outlets. However, if you wish to have the whole experience and to be able choose from a wide range of styles, why not come visit us here at Eagle Wools? Our friendly and helpful team know all there is to about R.M. Williams boots and can answer all your questions. We look forward to helping you pick out your new boots!

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