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Sheepskin Seat Covers Perth

Enjoy The Luxury & Comfort Of 100% Australian Sheepskin Car Seat Covers

Our custom sheepskin car seat covers will give you nice and cosy warmth in the winter and won’t leave you hot and sweaty in the summer!

Custom sheepskin Car Seat Covers Perth

Why Are Sheepskin Car Seat Covers from Eagle Wools A Wise Choice

The Australian climate provides some of the largest challenges faced by car owners anywhere in the world. It can be hot and humid, hot and dry, and sometimes absolutely freezing cold. Custom car seat covers provide you with the opportunity to create a comfortable and consistent environment in your vehicle all year round.

4 Reasons To Consider Sheepskin Car Seat Covers

1. Comfort

Australian summers can get hot, and our cars become hotter than ovens! Sheepskin is the only natural fibre that has an inbuilt “thermostat” to cool you down when it’s hot and to warm you up when it’s not. Sheepskin is the perfect car seat material for our unpredictable Australian climate.

2. Luxury

The look, feel, and style of custom-made sheepskin car seat covers make driving an unforgettable experience. It is the most luxurious option for your seating pleasure. Soft and supportive for your body while driving short or long distances, they are the best option for long lasting comfort.

3. Australian Made

All our sheepskins are from Australian sheep and are custom made in our Fremantle factory premises by the last remaining Master Craftsman in Australia. Choosing Eagle Wools supports our farmers & keeps jobs onshore. It also means you are buying the best sheepskins in the world. Your custom hand crafted car seat covers may even outlast your car.

4. Protection

The average Australian will spend 910 hours sitting in their car every year (which is about 38 days). Just as your lounge starts to look tired after a while, so do your car seats. Sheepskin is durable and protects your seats from wear, tear, and any spills. Our car seat covers are machine washable and dry-cleanable so your seats always look their best.

sheepskin car seat cover perth

Car Seat Covers Perth

Australian Sheepskin Seat Covers VS Overseas Imported Seat Covers

Most mainstream sheepskin products are now manufactured overseas using cheap and inferior sheepskins that just don’t last. These cheaper products are designed to be mass-produced and usually claim to be one size fits all, yet are never accommodating of you and your cars individual needs. They are made from cheap quality sheepskins, use artificial materials and they charge you top price for an inferior product.

It’s also important to consider that cars these days have air bags in peculiar places, while comfort is very important so is your safety! Many car seat covers manufactured overseas don’t even take into consideration whether the car is a right hand drive. It is a simple oversight but one that needs to be considered.

For the past 30 years, Eagle Wools has been hand crafting car seat covers for all makes and models of cars. With an extensive knowledge of sheepskins and manufacturing, we have the flexibility to fit in with your personal car seat requirements, your car design and your individual needs. With a great range of colours to match your car’s interior, and a perfectly tailored service, everyone will think the covers came as standard seats with your car.

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