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Why We’re Proud Stockists of R.M. Williams Boots

Here, at Eagle Wools, we are patriotic Aussies. We love our country and want both visitors and born and bred Australians alike to appreciate it too. For this reason, we are proud to offer a huge variety of Australian-made products from the ugg boots we make on our premises to our sheepskin car seat covers and so much more in between.

When you think of Australia, your thoughts no doubt migrate to the tough, hard-working bushmen of the outback. R.M. Williams was founded in 1932 with an emphasis on exquisite handiwork. For boots by R.M. Williams, Perth-based Eagle Wools is the go-to place to find the pair that will suit your lifestyle. These iconic 100% handmade boots come in an extensive range of sizes and fittings for both standard and broader feet.

R.M Williams Boots sold at Eagle Wools Perth - Fremantle

We believe that the ethos of R.M. Williams fits in seamlessly with ours. R.M. was an incredibly hard-working man whose heart was always firmly in the bush no matter where he was. Although R.M. enjoyed considerable success in a variety of fields, his heroes were always down-to-earth bushmen like himself. R.M. threw himself into every project he ever tried. He was the spirit of what it means to be Australian. This is just one of the many reasons we are proud to stock R.M. Williams boots.

As well as boots for adults, we stock R.M. Williams baby booties, Aussie-made from the softest kangaroo leather. This style features both the traditional elasticated sides as well as Velcro fastenings at the heel so they are easy to put on. Additionally, we stock a range of leather conditioners, polishes and more, to ensure that when you buy your boots from us, they stay looking, feeling and performing just as well as they did on the day you made your initial purchase.

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For all things R.M. Williams, Perth-based Eagle Wools has you covered!

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