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What are Akubra Hats Made From?

When you think of Australia, it’s likely that Akubra hats come to mind. Akubra is a company that’s associated with the wide-brimmed bush hats worn in rural areas of the country. Akubra began as a small Tasmanian family company. Today, the firm employs more than 90 tradespeople in NSW. The team makes many thousands of quality hats every week. The Akubra is synonymous with the identity of many Aussies. It’s been worn by everyday people, soldiers, politicians and everyone else in between. The staff at Akubra pride themselves on being 100% Australian!

If you’re looking to buy Akubra hats, Perth company Eagle Wools based in South Fremantle, WA, stock a range of these, including:

Akubra Avalon Hat

The Avalon is available in three different colours. This soft, comfortable felt hat comprises of a buckram inner and a plaited bonded leather band that’s finished off by a brass plate bearing the iconic Akubra name.

Akubra Avalon Hat Eagle Wools Perth Fremantle

Akubra Cattleman Hat

The Cattleman is traditional in style with a pinch crown, broad, dipping brim and eyelet vents. This style is available from Eagle Wools in two colours.

Akubra Cattleman Hat Eagle Wools Perth Fremantle

Akubra Traveller Hat

The Traveller hat is special. It’s made with pliable, soft felt that allows it to have a unique memory, so it can be put right back into shape should the worst occur. This model features a plaited bonded leather band, a soft inner sweat band as well as a buckram inner band. The Traveller is available from Eagle Wools in two different colours.

Akubra Traveller Hat Eagle Wools Perth Fremantle

No matter what your general style, you can easily find an Akubra hat to suit your lifestyle. All Akubra hats from Eagle Wools can be bought in-store. We also offer international shipping if you buy online. Visit us when you’re in the area to see our huge range of Australian-made goods.

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