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Tips For Perfect Fitting Footwear

Our poor feet have to put up with a lot. Let’s face it – we’re walking about and on our feet every day, so it stands to reason that they bear a big burden. Feet carry our full body weight so it’s crucial to look after them. The boots and shoes we choose to wear have a huge impact on our feet. These protect them from external damage as well as giving them support.

There is no ideal shoe that’s perfect for everyone. However, the following aspects are crucial:

  • Proper fit
  • Not damaging to the feet
  • Supportive

You might need to try a few different styles of shoe or boot until you find the right one for you but it’s well worth it in terms of your foot health and comfort.

Top Tips

When you’re choosing your footwear, remember the following:

  • Feet tend to swell a little during the day so when you’re shoe shopping, do it late in the afternoon.
  • Ensure that your footwear is deep enough and broad enough for your feet. You don’t want to be able to see your foot outline pressing against your shoes.
  • There should be a gap of around 1cm between the end of your longest toe and the end of your shoe, so your feet have room to move undamaged.
  • Don’t buy footwear with synthetic uppers so your feet can breathe.
  • Be careful not to buy shoes that are too pointed at the toe as this can make your toes clench, potentially leading to pain, calluses and corns.
  • Heels shouldn’t be too high so pressure on the ball of your foot is minimised.
  • Soles should be well-padded to reduce any pressure on your feet.

For more helpful information and advice on selecting the correct footwear, come on into Eagle Wools to speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team! We look forward to being of service.

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