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There’s Nothing More Comforting Than Good Old Australian Food

We Aussies love our food. We’re a hard-working nation so we need our sustenance! When you think about good, iconic Australian dishes, what springs to mind? Meat pies? Vegemite? Succulent roast lamb? Lamingtons? Or what about Anzac biscuits? If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the Australian foods that you probably take for granted, then read on!

Meat Pies

The meat pie is the perfect, warming and satisfying complete meal in one. They’re easy to eat and we love them! Based on the UK beef and gravy pie, our meat pies have been popular since the 1800s. Meat pie vendors used to line Bourke Street in Melbourne selling their pies to hungry workers. The brilliant thing about a meat pie is that it is perfect for eating with one hand while you’re on the go. They’re so practical that we’re sure the humble meat pie will continue to be a favourite for years to come!


We love our beer here in Australia but what happens to the product that’s left over at the end of the brewing process? It gets turned into Vegemite of course! Well, not all of it, but a lot of it! Invented by a Melbourne company, although Vegemite was a little slow in taking off, eventually, we all fell in love with it. Just think about that amazing taste and all those health benefits! Okay, so it can be difficult to like if you’ve not been brought up on the stuff. However, if you have been, it’s surely a staple in your diet!


Australians love our roast lamb with all the trimmings! We have it for Sunday dinner and make up any excuse to eat the stuff! Although you can find restaurants from all over the world here in our cities, we still love a traditional roast dinner from time to time.


We’ve all enjoyed Lamingtons at some point, but do you know the story behind these yummy chocolate-coated sponges? Lamingtons are believed to have been created completely by accident! A maidservant to Lord Lamington, the eighth Governor of Queensland was said to have served stale cake. Lord Lamington suggested disguised by dipping it into chocolate and coconut and the Lamington we know and love was born. Other accounts say that the maidservant dropped the Governor’s cake into melted chocolate by accident then dipped it in coconut afterwards. Whatever the true story is, it doesn’t matter because Lamingtons are amazing!

 Anzac Biscuits

Anzac biscuits get their name from the acronym that was first used in 1915 for the Australian and New Zealand troops training in Egypt. The original Anzac biscuits were also known as soldiers’ biscuits due to the fact that their female relatives and partners would make the biscuits to last throughout long periods away from home. These sweet rolled oat, coconut and golden syrup biscuits are still popular throughout Australia today!

These are just some iconic Australian foods that are known and loved by Australians and many other nationalities throughout the world.

At Eagle Wools we are all about having a bit of harmless fun. This information has been sourced online and we can’t verify the accuracy of any of it so don’t go referencing us on your school essays.

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