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The Most Authentic Perth Tourist Attraction – Eagle Wools

It’s all too easy to fall into the tourist trap of never venturing farther than the souvenir shops when you visit a new place. However, more and more travellers nowadays are interested in a more authentic experience. There are only so many gaudy, plastic trinkets you can put up with! The worst thing is that often the nonsense that’s sold in souvenir shops was never made in or even near Australia. So, what can you do to uncover the real country for yourself?

Eagle Wools Frematle Perth Bath Salts Local Made

Eagle Wools in South Fremantle, WA, is the place to visit for a truly uniquely immersive experience when you’re in the area. From the second you pull into the driveway, you can just feel that this place is different. You’re surrounded by Australian animals and plants. You feel that you’re in a natural rather than “touristy” place. It’s easy to feel comfortable, especially when you meet the lovely staff. They’re attentive, friendly and will be more than happy to answer any questions you have on both the area and on the true Aussie products in the store.

Mini Uggs Sheep Skin Eagle Wools Frematle Perth

If you’re looking for gifts to take home to your family and friends, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Eagle Wools stock various ranges of locally-produced, organic candles, hair and body care products and lots more. They also stock Aussie brands such as R.M. Williams, Barmah Hats and Akubra. Their Ugg boots and range of animal skin rugs make wonderful presents too!

Hand, Hair And Body Local Aussie Products Hand Made Eagle Wools
Hand, Hair And Body Local Aussie Products Hand Made Eagle Wools

When you visit and buy from Eagle Wools, you’re not just making a purchase. You’re buying something that’s had Australian time and effort put into it. You’re also putting money into the local economy and helping to keep workers in jobs.

So, don’t visit a tacky souvenir shop when you’re in the area. Perth family business Eagle Wools offer a two-year 100% money back guarantee on everything, so you can buy in confidence.

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