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The Benefits of Sheepskin Rugs for Babies

The excitement of a new baby coming into the world is unlike any other feeling. Even if you’re an old hand and are onto your second or third child, it’s still the same! With this in mind, you naturally want to give your little one the best in life. This is where sheepskin rugs come in. Sheepskin has so many benefits that will help your little one in so many ways. Let’s take a look:

Sheepskin is Snuggly

We all know that sheepskin is snuggly. Babies, in particular, like this feeling as they can often feel alone if they’re left even for short periods. Placing a sheepskin mat underneath him allows your baby to be comforted. If you use a sheepskin mat as a cot-liner, your baby will be less likely to have a disturbed night, letting you have a well-deserved rest too!

Baby Infant Care Rugs Hand Made Eagle Wools Frematle

Sheepskin Regulates Body Temperature

You might be worrying about your baby potentially overheating on a sheepskin mat, however, you can put this out of your mind. Sheepskin has hollow fibres that help regulate body temperature, so baby is always comfortable. Additionally, sheepskin is breathable and absorbent so your little one will feel safe and dry at all times.

Baby Infant Care Rug Sheepskin Wool Hand Made Eagle Wools Frematle

Sheepskin Promotes Health

Sheepskin contains lanolin that’s great for keeping your baby’s skin healthy and comfortable! Sheepskin also absorbs any static electricity and therefore won’t ever give off an electrical charge. It’s bacteria and dirt resistant so it’s perfect for little ones!

Baby Infant Care Rug Sheepskin Hand Made Eagle Wools Frematle

Eagle Wools, South Fremantle has been proudly making sheepskin products since 1979. Our machine-washable infant care rug can be used as a bassinet or cot liner. You can also put it into a car seat or pram. In fact, you can use it absolutely anywhere! Come and see us for more information. Alternatively, order online!

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