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Supporting Our Farmers Beyond The Drought
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Supporting our Aussie Farmers beyond the drought

How Amazing has the support been for the farmers during this drought! It really warms my heart to see the love and support outpouring for these incredible people who are so often forgotten about and under-appreciated.

There are some amazing initiatives going on right now by individuals and businesses alike who are going out of their way to raise money and donate to help.

Right now, our drought-stricken farmers need a leg-up, they need the extra cash and the fact that donating to the farmers has become trendy is an absolute gift from god. Yet supporting our farmers should not just be something we do when they are in dire trouble.

I’ve been watching from the sidelines and the current situation reminds me of when you end up in hospital.  Suddenly, everyone offers to come and see you and help you in any way they can. Yet when you are well, they are nowhere to be seen.

On the whole as a country, we might claim that we support the Aussie farmers, yet day-to-day we constantly choose to buy produce imported from overseas, rather than buying local. Every single time we buy our groceries we have an opportunity to support our farmers… every slice of cheese, every cut of meat, every shirt we wear… Yet, we wait until the direst circumstances before doing something about it.

These Farmers need this right now. They need the money, and just as importantly they NEED the love and support.

I believe that this gives us the chance to make NOW the time that we come together as a nation to support our farmers and wider communities by BUYING LOCAL.

We shouldn’t just support the farmers who are drought-stricken…

We shouldn’t just help farmers when their livelihoods are at stake…

We shouldn’t just help our farmers for a few weeks because everyone else is…

Our Aussie Farmers need our support always! And I’m not talking about only through hand-outs and donations. They are proud, hard-working people who want to earn their way.

Like any good marriage, we should be supporting them through the good times and the bad… let’s support them always by buying what they produce!

Pamela Smith – Eagle Wools

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