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Why RM Williams is an Aussie Icon

With RM Williams Boots, Clothing and other quality bushman products having such a strong reputation across the world, it’s interesting to discover the story behind the name.

Reginald Murray Williams was born in 1908 and passed away in 2003. He was an Australian entrepreneur and bushman who left school at 14. The colourful character was twice married and had ten children. RM, as he preferred to be known, made iconic, hard wearing, authentically Australian boots that last. Not only did he do this, he was also an accomplished historian, author, businessman, stonemason gold miner, horseman and more!

RM was taught how to work leather by Dollar Mick, a horseman. He began by making items such as pack saddles, bridles and riding boots. It was the riding boots that became so successful originally. When these were initially introduced to the market, they were unique due to the fact that they were made from one single piece of leather. The leather was then stitched at the back of the boot and sometimes featured an elastic side. These boots are still sold today in stores throughout Australia. Eagle Wools, an RM Williams Perth store is one such example.

RM Williams is a true Australian icon as he came from very humble beginnings and made an incredible success of his life. For many, he embodied the true Australian spirit of faith, determination and self-belief. RM knew what he wanted and he did all he could to make his dreams become a reality.

Although he enjoyed such success, RM never sought adulation in any way. He didn’t even like privilege and status. In fact, in his middle age, he left all the comforts and luxuries of home and went back to a simple life in the bush. Perhaps we can all learn a thing or two from RM. So often, we measure ourselves on our achievements and on how others perceive us. RM teaches us that in life, the most important aspect is to just be happy and to focus on never giving up on our dreams.

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