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What’s All The Fuss About Ugg Boots
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R.M. Williams is Rapidly Expanding Their Business

At Eagle Wools, we go out of our way to stock only 100% Aussie-made products whenever possible. We actually manufacture the majority of our sheepskin products. You can even visit us and see ugg boots being handcrafted at our South Fremantle premises. And, if we don’t have the style you like in stock, we’ll hand-make it for you – no worries! Because we place such an emphasis on traditional Australian values of hard work, friendship and family, we are proud stockists of many Aussie brands such as Akubra and RM Williams.

RM Williams Boots Perth

RM Williams is a brand that is iconic and completely Australian. The company is well known for their absolutely beautifully-made, robust footwear. When you’re looking for RM Williams Boots, Perth-based Eagle Wools is the place to be. You can even order these and many other products over the internet from the comfort of your own home!

And, it’s not just us Aussies who love wearing RM Williams boots and clothing. In fact, there’s such a huge international market for the brand that the decision has recently been made to open retail stores in China! Can you imagine, one of the leading true Australian success stories opening shops on the Chinese market? It’s amazing! Interestingly, China is one of the most rapidly growing consumer markets on earth AND they love all things Aussie.

Ugg Boots Perth

We are very proud of the successful, growing market for all things Australian here in our country and throughout the world in general. Just like RM Williams, our business is a truly Australian affair. We’ve been hand-making many of our products since 1979 so we have a little bit more time to go to catch up with R.M. (established in 1932!)

So, watch this space as both Eagle Wools and RM Williams to continue to expand business respectively to keep the Aussie flag flying all over the world!

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