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Why People Can’t Resist Touching My Rugs

Have you ever stopped to consider how the term ‘feeling’ can refer both to a sense of touch as well as an emotion? Certain fabrics and textures often put us into different emotional states. Think about how you feel when you stroke your dog or cat or how comfortable and enjoyable it is to cosy up surrounded by a lovely soft blanket on a cold, winters night.

Touch and emotion are interlinked. Everyone likes things that feel soft and snuggly and this is why people who come in to see us at Eagle Wools just cannot resist touching our rugs! The minute our customers walk into our store, they’re met with what looks like a bank of beautiful fluffy clouds! Our sheepskin rugs are truly luxurious and so incredibly touchable. There’s nothing that beats the feeling of laying on one of our 100 percent Aussie-made rugs when you’re relaxing.

Adding one of our rugs to your home creates a focal point that’s second to none. You can be sure that all your visitors will be clamouring to feel the luxury of our products. Customers always comment on this! The placement of a rug brings a room together visually and adds a sense of texture and warmth to your surroundings. You can place our rugs on your floors, chairs and even use them to decorate your walls.

We also stock kangaroo skin, cow hide and reindeer hide rugs in a wide variety of sizes and colours. As you’ll imagine, each and every one is unique and feels amazing to the touch.

When you’re looking to buy or just to have a look at authentic, Australian-made rugs, Perth based Eagle Wools is an immersive experience. We also stock a variety of  Australian-made souvenirs, Uggs, hats and much, much more.

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