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Importance of Car Seat Safety for Your Family

When it comes to keeping your children safe when they’re in your vehicle, car seat safety is a priority. In Perth, as well as in cities around the world, you’re legally responsible for making sure your children are adequately restrained in accordance with local laws. Of course, as a parent, you do everything possible to make sure your kids are always safe when they’re travelling. Who wouldn’t? However, a very scary fact is that improper car seat installation can and does cost lives.

To find out about your local car seat safety rules, you can get in touch with your local authority or try a Google search. Worryingly, as many as 95% of parents are not using their car seats correctly. There are many aspects that you need to consider when installing one. For example:

  • Buying the right seat for your child’s age. It’s imperative to have the right seat for your little one’s age. Yes, you will probably need to buy a few different seats as your child grows, however having the right fit is so important.
  • Ensuring the seat faces the right way. Little ones should be placed in rear-facing car seats every time they’re in your vehicle until they’re two. This is because studies have found that if there’s a car accident, very young children are 75% less likely to suffer severe injury or death if their seat is rear-facing.
  • Travelling in the car can be hot work in summer and cold in the winter months. With that in mind, you should consider buying sheepskin car seat covers that keep children hot in winter and cool in the summertime. You can even buy versions that are perfect for adults too. For car seat covers, Perth-based Eagle Wools has you covered!
  • Researching as much as you can. It’s crucial to stay aware of how quickly your child is growing so you always have the right car seat for their age. Have a look online to see the range of car seats available for your child and speak to other parents about their car seats. Also, never buy a car seat without checking it out first.


Travelling with your kids can be a lot of fun. Ensure they stay safe in the right car seat so you can enjoy complete peace of mind!

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