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8 Iconic Aussie Clothing Brands You Need To Know About


Iconic Aussie Clothing Brands You Need to Know About

When you think about Australia, what comes to mind? Koalas? Kangaroos? Or, perhaps you think about good old-style Aussie clothing? While it’s true that there are many well-established Australian brands that are still in operation today, there are also plenty of up-and-coming brands that need our support. Here, at Eagle Wools, we are proud to stock many of these, including:


Akubra hats are iconic Aussie pieces of headgear. They’ve been proudly worn by Olympians, soldiers, personalities, politicians and everyday countrymen and women. At Eagle Wools, we stock Akubra hats, belts and more!

 Barmah Hats

 Barmah is well-known as the original bush hat. All Barmah hats are made in Australia and the company is completely Aussie-owned. We’re proud supporters of the brand!

R.M. Williams

Eagle Wools is proud to be an R.M. Williams outlet that sells R.M. Williams boots and more. You can even pick yourself up an R.M. Williams keyring! R.M. Williams is an iconic Aussie brand that’s been in operation since 1932. R.M. Williams is a brand with a wonderful reputation for quality and craftsmanship.

 Merino Threads

Merino Threads make some of the comfiest socks around. These are created with a reinforced heel and toe and boast a Merino wool content of 75%. You just need to try a pair on and you’ll be converted!


 Woolerina was established in 2005 and has continued to grow in popularity right up until today. Woolerina’s soft Aussie Merino thermals, beanies, jackets, scarves and cardigans are very popular items in-store and online.

Whether you’re looking for a practical Aussie gift for someone special or you just fancy some new, quality clothing or footwear, there’s something for everyone here at Eagle Wools! Take a look online or in-store today for some inspiration.

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