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How To Care For Your Sheepskin Rug
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How to Care for your Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin rugs are such beautiful pieces. When you purchase a 100% Australian made sheepskin rug, you have the peace of mind that it’s extremely durable. Given the right care and TLC, it’ll last you a lifetime. At Eagle Wools, we have a huge range of sheepskin rugs to buy either from our South Fremantle premises or online. We often get asked about how to care for our beautiful rugs once you take them home, so we’ve put together a short guide to help maintain their lovely fluffy, luxurious appearance for many years to come.

Remember to Regularly Shake and Brush your Rug

With day to day wear and use, loose dirt can quickly build up between the fibres of your rug. So, just give your rug a good shake outdoors every so often to help maintain the pile. Eventually, your rug will mat down a little. When this happens, again, take it outside, brush it using a coarse brush and then give it a good airing.

Cleaning your Rug

One of the many wonderful aspects of sheepskin is that it’s liquid and dirt repellent. With this in mind, you can usually just give any marks a quick spot clean with warm water. In the case of heavier soiling, you can always wash your rug either by hand in lukewarm water or in the machine in cool water on a gentle cycle.

Remember to always stretch out your sheepskin while it’s damp to maintain the shape and to stop any shrinking. Afterwards, drying outdoors is best. Keep your rug out of direct sun and heat as this will cause shrinkage and hardening of the material. It goes without saying that you should never iron or tumble dry a sheepskin rug. Once your rug is dry, just brush it with a coarse brush to bring the pile back up!

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