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Here’s why the People of Perth Love Ugg Boots

The people of Perth are used to hot weather. So, when the winter finally comes, many find it difficult to cope with the extreme drops in temperature. Winters in Perth are generally wet and cool. There’s also the risk of rain and thunderstorms. During such depressing weather conditions, there is nothing nicer than staying warm and protected from the elements.

Slipping on a pair of Uggs is a feeling unlike any other. It’s almost like stepping into a cloud when they’re worn. Ugg boots are warm and of course unbelievably comfortable. Wearing the boots feels just like donning a pair of slippers. For the people of Perth, they’re not just an item of footwear, they’re a way of life with many people still wearing their old Uggs for as many as 20-plus years!

Some people see the Ugg boot as a fashions statement. For many, the world over, this is exactly what they are. However, to the residents of Perth, they’re a best friend. Nothing can beat the feeling of getting home from work at the end of a long, hard day and slipping into pyjamas and Uggs.

For people looking for traditional, Australian-made Ugg boots, Perth-based Eagle Wools have a massive range to choose from. From Ugg ankle boots to cosy little Uggs for kids, there’s sure to be an option to suit every taste. Additionally, they even make Ugg boots to order in a range of materials.

So if anyone ever asks you “ Why do you love your Uggs so much?” you just need to tell them that they’re warm, comfortable and can be worn with any outfit for virtually any purpose. They’re perfect for slipping on to take the dog out for a quick walk on a cold day. They’re equally acceptable for wearing to meet friends for a lunch date. Ugg boots are a little bit of heaven on a grey, wet winter day.

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