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Where to Find Unique Perth Souvenirs

When you’re on holiday in Perth, buying some quality souvenirs to take home is no doubt high on your ‘to do’ list. The problem is though, where can you find some unique Perth souvenirs?

The key to this is to avoid any place that looks too ‘touristy.’ You know the types of stores with the tacky colourful plastic bits and pieces in the window? Instead, a far better idea is to check out local gift shops instead. You’ll find that there are dozens of unique little stores peppered throughout the Perth area. Many of which sell locally-produced and organic soaps, baths salts, candles and so on. Lots of these independent stores are quirky and interesting little places. You’ll want to steer clear of any big corporate chains that rarely give back to the community in the way these smaller stores do.

When you buy unique Perth souvenirs you have the additional peace of mind knowing that you’re helping support the local community by keeping people in jobs. If you’re looking for a different and amazing truly Aussie souvenir shop, Perth-based Eagle Wools should be on your ‘must visit’ list. Established in 1979, Eagle Wools is the area leader in locally-made souvenirs. You can even visit and see sheepskin products such as 100 percent Australian Ugg boots being made right in front of you!

If you’re interested in bringing home some beautiful food, drinks, clothing and more, don’t forget to stop off at one of the quirky little shops in Swan Valley or Margaret River. If you’re staying in the country for a while, you can even have your purchases sent on to you.

When it comes to buying Australian souvenirs, stay off the beaten track and purchase only Aussie-made items that are built to last!

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