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Genuine Australian Souvenirs Instead of Imported Garbage
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How to find Genuine Australian Souvenirs Instead of Imported Garbage

When you visit a country you want a down-to-earth and authentic experience. You can go into a variety of Australian shops and buy a little piece of plastic with an Aussie image on it. However, how truly Australian are these pieces of garbage? They’re probably made thousands of miles away by people who haven’t even visited the country. Hardly a genuine Aussie souvenir.

It’s no wonder that so many people nowadays are tired of tourist stores and the over-priced items they push.

Contrast this to the immersive Australian experience you’ll find when you visit a place like Eagle Wools in South Fremantle. It’s one of the few stores you’ll find that stocks 100 percent Australian-made souvenirs. In fact, when you visit, you can even see Ugg boots being made right in front of you!

The experience begins as you pull into the driveway. You’re met by beautiful Australian plants and animals. When you enter the store, you’ll come across a plethora of amazing Aussie-made items that are completely authentic. Here, you can find interesting and unique items that you and your family will love to keep at home for many years to come. There’s not chemically-laden artificial junk in sight. Eagle Wools stocks a range of organic and locally-produced body and hair care products, candles, cleaning products, and so much more. When you buy from Eagle Wools, you’re not just buying another lifeless souvenir. You’re getting a handmade piece of the real Australia. You’re also putting something back into the local economy and keeping Aussie workers in jobs.

So, next time you visit Australia, why not try heading away from the main tourist stores so you can find a true piece of Australia to remind you, your family and friends of your trip?

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