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Buying Souvenirs In Perth Here’s Where To Go
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Buying Souvenirs in Perth? Here’s Where to Go!

There’s nothing like visiting a new place to broaden the mind. You can get so much out of travelling. Experiencing new places, cultures, and people is so exciting! With this in mind, it stands to reason that you would love to bring home a few souvenirs of the places you have been to, so you can always keep something tangible to connect you to them. That being said though, have you ever noticed how tacky some of those usual souvenirs are?

Yes, there’s nothing that says, “I’ve been to Perth, Western Australia!” quite like a piece of tacky, chemically-painted plastic made in some factory thousands of miles away. That’s the thing when you’re here visiting our beautiful area, you want to take home something that is truly Australian. Something that has been hand-crafted by Aussies who care about the quality of their work – not some mass-produced piece of tourist that!

That’s why we pride ourselves on our range of beautiful truly Australian gifts and products. In fact, Eagle Wools is one of those rare stores that goes above and beyond to stock as close to 100% Australian-made products as we possibly can. (Unless we can find no local manufacturer.)

Beautiful Australian Sheepskin

Here, at Eagle Wools, we manufacture the vast majority of our sheepskin products at our own South Fremantle premises. You can even come along for the day to see Ugg boots made right in front of you! You can also choose from other sheepskin products including rugs, car seat covers and more. There’s nothing like the feel and quality of premium Aussie sheepskin. It has a luxurious feeling that’s like nothing else you’ve ever felt before. And, it keeps you warm in winter and cool in the summer months. What’s not to like?

Unique Souvenirs

Whether you come into our store or order online, you will love our huge range of unique souvenirs that make the perfect gift for that someone special. As well as some exciting hand-made pieces, we also carry some old favourites such as jars of Vegemite. If you haven’t tried it yet, then what are you waiting for?

We also carry practical gifts such as The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company By Gum Aussie Bush Spray. This formula is long-lasting, super-strong, all-natural and protects you and your loved ones from mosquitoes, flies and bitey things in general. What’s also great is that this product is 100% Aussie made!

Of course, when anyone thinks about our beautiful country, their thoughts turn immediately to the Boomerang! And, right here in-store in Eagle Wools, you can buy three different sizes of Boomerangs that are also 100% Australian made.

The above products are just a few of the wonderful items you can buy to take home as souvenirs of your Perth trip. Every single item is special and will remind you of the incredible times you’ve spent right here in Western Australia. When you shop at Eagle Wools, you’re taking home a piece of the real Australia!

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