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Amazing Australian Facts You Never Knew – Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of our series of funny, unbelievable and interesting facts about our beautiful country. Let’s get straight into the action with another 20!

  1. 21% of Aussies don’t speak English at home!
  2. Vegemite was created by the leftover yeast from beer!
  3. The majority of our exotic flora and fauna cannot be found anywhere else.
  4. We adopted the wattle as our national floral emblem back in 1912.
  5. Australian women gained the right to vote in 1902 making us the second country in the world to do so.
  6. Anna Creek Station in South Australia is the largest cattle station in the world. At more than 34,000 square kilometres, it’s larger than Belgium!
  7. We have the highest gambling rate in the world. In fact, 80 percent of Aussie adults have had a go at some point!
  8. Because Melbourne and Sydney couldn’t stop arguing over which should be the capital city, Canberra was eventually selected.
  9. Australia is the only remaining place in the world where lungfish can still be found. These are living fossils from the Triassic period 350 million years ago.
  10. The name ‘Australia’ derives from the Latin ‘Terra Australia Incognito’ meaning the Unknown Southern Land.
  11. The highest steel arch bridge in the world is the Harbour Bridge in Sydney.
  12. We Aussies love our coffee so much so that we have the world’s largest espresso machine. It needs to be operated by 5 people and can brew as many as 18 cups of coffee at any given time!
  13. We eat 260 million meat pies a year!
  14. Migaloo is the world’s only white whale and can be seen in Australia in the spring and autumn.
  15. Surprisingly enough, in winter we have more snow than Switzerland!
  16. Only 400 tourists at a time are allowed to visit Lord Howe Island!
  17. We have a town here that’s named 1770!?
  18. 91% of our glorious country is covered under vegetation.
  19. In Victoria, only a licensed electrician can change a lightbulb!
  20. The National Science Agency right here in – you guessed it – Australia invented Wi-Fi!

So, there you go  – another 20 reasons why our country is the most amazing place to live and to visit in the world!

At Eagle Wools we are all about having a bit of harmless fun. This information has been sourced online and we can’t verify the accuracy of any of it so don’t go referencing us on your school essays.

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