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Amazing Australian Facts You Never Knew – Part 2

So, you’ve read part 1 of our series of Amazing Australian Facts You Never Knew (if not why not?!) Welcome to part 2. We’ve another 20 incredible facts about the country we love. Let us know if there are any crazy Aussie facts that you know that haven’t made our list!

  1. Australian Rules Football (AFL) came about to maintain the fitness levels of cricketers during off season. Some people say that the game might have a connection with Indigenous Australians.
  2. Think Uluru is huge? Mount Augustus is actually twice its size and is the world’s largest rock!
  3. There are 60 different wine regions in our country.
  4. Great news if you love chatting on your mobile – Australia ranks 7th in the world for mobile speed.
  5. Strangely, we rank only 56th in the world when it comes to our broadband speeds.
  6. We have the world’s largest number of purebred camels roaming our deserts. 1 million to be exact!
  7. We have so many camels that we actually export some to the Middle East!
  8. A cute little baby kangaroo measures only around 2cm long. Aw!
  9. Interestingly, there are more than 60 different types of kangaroos.
  10. Kangaroo meat has an extremely low-fat content at just 1-2%. It’s so much healthier for you than lamb or beef.
  11. Wombats do square poos! How do they do that??
  12. Melbourne used to be known as Batmania! In fact, there’s still a Batman Park in Melbourne.
  13. It’s quicker to fly from Melbourne to Perth than it is to get from one end of WA to the other!
  14. A Melbourne gay bar won the right to legally ban women due to their presence making the men feel uncomfortable.
  15. An Aussie man once tried to sell New Zealand on eBay!
  16. Wallabies love to get high by breaking into opium crops!
  17. Moomba, a huge free festival held in Melbourne, means ‘up your bum’ in various Aboriginal languages!
  18. You might not have imagined it, but our Australian Alps receive more snow every year than their Swiss counterparts!
  19. We have an incredible 19 World Heritage Listed sites!
  20. Aboriginal culture is the oldest on earth.

So, there you have it. There’s so much about Australia that you might not have already known. Watch out for part 3 of our series that’s bursting with fabulous facts and is coming soon!

At Eagle Wools we are all about having a bit of harmless fun. This information has been sourced online and we can’t verify the accuracy of any of it so don’t go referencing us on your school essays.

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