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1 Akubra Hats – True Aussie Quality
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Akubra Hats – True Aussie Quality

There is perhaps no other piece of clothing that’s more synonymous with Australia than the Akubra hat. These uniquely Australian hats have been worn by country men and women for more than a century and their popularity has never waned. Fashions come and go. The Akubra hat is here to stay! But why? Well, it’s obvious that these particular hats look great. That’s a given. However, did you know that the manufacturing process for every single Akubra hat has barely changed for well over 100 years?

It takes approximately 6 weeks to make just one single Akubra hat. 6 weeks!! In a world where virtually everything is rushed, that’s surely a record! The Akubra craftspeople use old-fashioned machinery to make the hats by hand. They’ve even been using their hat moulds for generations. That’s the thing, Akubra hats are so lovingly made by people with a real passion for what they do. And, this passion shines through in the attention to detail they give every piece of headgear they expertly create.

When you purchase an Akubra hat, you’re not only contributing to the Aussie economy, but you’re making an investment. Treated well, your Akubra will last and last. Here, at Eagle Wools, we are firm believers in great quality Australian craftsmanship. That’s why we’re proud stockists of Akubra hats. We love them so much that we even had a wall purpose-built to showcase these wonderful creations! We have a large stock of different styles, colours and sizes of hats to choose from. Our team is a friendly and knowledgeable bunch and can help fit your new hat perfectly. Come in and see us or check out our Akubra Perth-based range online. As Perth’s highest rated stockist of Akubra hats, we look forward to helping you choose the perfect style for you.

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