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The 3 Most Popular Ugg Boot Styles in Perth

Ugg boots are as popular today as they’ve ever been. The people of Perth love them! So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at the three most popular Ugg boot styles in the city right now.

Ankle Boot

  1. Ankle Boot

 There’s probably no Ugg boot style that’s as universally appealing as the ankle boot. Everyone can wear these – young or old, male or female. This style is perfect to wear in any weather or temperature. They’re great to put on in the heat as they only reach your ankles so your feet don’t get too warm. This style is also suited to wear in cold weather as they cover your ankles. It’s a winning boot however you look at it! The boots are just so easy to throw on. They’re particularly popular with new mums and people with little time on their hands. You can come home from work and slip them on in next to no time for the ultimate in comfort.

Calf Boot

  1. Calf Boot

 Calf Uggs stop at the largest point of the calf so you don’t get any pockets of air trapped in your boot. They fit snugly and are great to wear when the weather is cold. Many people love this style of Ugg as they consider them to be stylish and more like the conventional image of an Ugg boot than the ankle boot style.

Knee High Lace-Up Boot

  1. Knee High Lace-Up Boot

 These are a beautiful-looking style while affording you all the comfort and warmth you expect of an Ugg boot. Knee high Uggs look amazing over jeans and have been wowing wearers and admirers alike since the ’70s. Surfers, in particular popularised, this Ugg style and slipped them on at the beach after catching some waves. When it comes to Uggs, this is the most authentically Australian style you can get!

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