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Pure Australian Sandalwood – oil online

Pure Australian Sandalwood – oil

Retail Price: $66.95

Made from Australian sustainable harvest certified organic sandalwood oil, Mount Romance Pure Australian Sandalwood Oil has a deep woody aroma that is relaxing, soothing and perfect for adding to homemade skin care products.

Pure Australian certified organic sandalwood oil produced ethically and responsibly in WA – with a rich woody scent, great for relaxation and skin.

Let the serenity wash over you with this Organic essential oil. Australian Sandalwood has been used for thousands of years by indigenous Australians as a relaxant and to promote focus.  Suitable for aromatherapy, use in vaporiser or diffuser and great for dry skin conditions.

Pure Australian Sandalwood – is just some of the many 100% Australian made products we sell from our Eagle Wools South Fremantle store.

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