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Medical Sheep Skin Rug online

Medical Sheep Skin Rug

Retail Price: $250.00

Eagle Wools Medical Sheepskin Rugs helps to reduce matting and promote air flow and breathability.
Medical sheepskin rugs enhance comfort for patients and individuals who are confined to one position for long periods of time. The strong spring-coil lambswool fibres offer comfortable support while also re-distributing body weight and pressure. This provides relief in trouble spots where blood flow is limited and helps to reduce the development of bed sores in the most common areas such as hips, elbows, shoulder blades, tailbone, and heels.
Our medical sheepskin rugs are extra durable, long lasting, and the only rug that can be machine wash ed in hot water. They are most commonly used in beds and wheelchairs, but they are very versatile and can easily be adapted and used on recliners, chairs, and couches.

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