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Akubra Riverina Hat online

Akubra Riverina Hat

For all Akubra hat orders please call Eagle Wools on 08 9336 2155 to check availability for colours and sizing prior to placing order. 

The Akubra Riverina is named after the agricultural region of south-western New South Wales. It’s made to withstand the harsh Aussie Outback sun and features a broad dipping wide brim and a fedora crown. Additionally, the hat features a quality Ridge Back leather band as well as triangular shaped eyelet ventilation.

One of Akubra’s best-selling hats, the 102mm wide-brimmed Riverina gives you great protection from the rain and the sun as well as being stylish and great-looking. This is the perfect hat for both workmen and for anyone who wants rain and sun protection alongside style.

Detail-wise, the brim is tilted down in the rear and front. The hat boasts a pre-creased crown height of around 95mm with 3 large eyelets on either side for ventilation purposes. The Riverina is both waterproof and fully-lined, made with Imperial quality pure fur felt. It also boasts genuine ridge back plaited leather with the Akubra bronze badge and decorative embossing and a reeded roan leather sweatband.

The Riverina is rated UVR+50 sun protection.

Ever wondered how an Akubra Hat is made?

How Akubra Hats Are Made

OMG – Have you seen how the Akubra hat is made? It makes us even more proud to be Australian.

Posted by Eagle Wools on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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