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36 Awesome Gift Ideas For this Christmas

We have selected 36 of our most gift-worthy products to get the ideas flowing this Christmas. There will be something for even the hardest person on your present list. If nothing on here floats your boat then pop in store and we can show you hundreds of other Australian-made products that you won’t find elsewhere.

Eagle Wools Ugg boots are handmade here on our premises with premium Australian sheepskin. These boots are truly built to last.
All our sheepskin Steering Wheel Covers are 100% Australian made. Fun fact - did you know that we have been manufacturing sheepskin products since 1979?
Merino Treads Socks are 100% Australian-made for full support and performance. These socks actively wick moisture away from your feet to keep you feeling comfortable all day and night.
Eagle Wools Australian Stubby Holders are 100% Aussie-made from cow hide and kangaroo skin. Did you know that they can help keep your drink toasty hot or icy cold?
Akubra hats are ironically Australian and are suitable for everyone. So much love, care and attention go into each headpiece that you can feel the quality when you’re wearing one.
Our Sheepskin Seat Covers are popular all year round. The fibres act like a completely natural body thermostat!
All our Kangaroo Skins are completely unique and natural. They also come in different sizes to suit your needs.
Gumleaf is the brand you can trust when it comes to Australian essential oils. These are 100% natural and pure.
We stock a range of great-looking pillows and cushions to add a touch of comfort to your home. Patterns may vary due to natural variations in hides.
These cute little 100% sheepskin sheep keyrings are made right here at Eagle Wools. Choose from cream, brown or grey.
Fred & Myrtle candles are available in a range of beautiful evocative Aussie-inspired scents. These quality candles are hand-poured with special crackling wicks that are just like the sound of a wood fire.
Sandalwood Skin Damage Control Cream is a soothing ointment that’s packed with essential oils to remedy any skin problem - even mozzie bites! Sandalwood Calming Cream is infused with pure Australian Sandalwood to protect the skin from damage 24/7.
Mother’s Way Bath Salts & Therapy Balm brings natural skincare and relaxation into the home. These products are perfect for soothing dry and sensitive skin.
These premium quality small diffusers look elegant around the home. Did you know that lovely fragrances can provide you with a great ‘lift’ in spirits due to their therapeutic effects?
Shield yourself from the relentless Aussie sun with an R.M. Williams cap. Did you know that although R.M. came from humble beginnings, he eventually became a millionaire?
Stuck for a gift for that hard-to-buy-for person? Eagle Wools gift vouchers will go down beautifully!
Thurlby Snooze Bunnies contain lavender to help little ones get off to sleep soundly. They’re also extremely snugglable!
After a hard day, a Thurlby Heat Pack and Eye Pillow is a great way to relax. Envelope yourself in beautiful, natural soothing warmth.
White Rose Collection Glass Candles are available in a wide range of fragrances. These soy wax candles are hand-poured here in WA with great love and care.
Alpaca beanies and scarves are hypoallergenic and 100% Australian made. Did you know that alpaca fibres are naturally water-repellent?
Everyone should have at least one good pair of Sheepskin Gloves. They’re great-looking, cosy and moisture-wicking too!
Did you know that Robert Gordon has been making superb quality Australian pottery for more than 70 years? Over that time, three generations have been creating these innovative designs.
House of Sharday Hand & Body Lotion is an Eagle Wools favourite. Did you know that their perfumery was established back in 1995?
Mt Romance candles are the very best in Aussie luxury. Immerse yourself in the beautiful scent of pure sandalwood!
Larrikin shaving products help you to achieve a close, smooth shave no matter your skin type. Also, they smell amazing!
1845 perfumes are distinctly Australian. The scent of sandalwood in its purest form is simply amazing!
We love our sandalwood here at Eagle Wools. This is just one of the reasons we adore Larrikin’s leathery, masculine fragrance with notes of sandalwood.
R.M. Williams is a name that’s synonymous with great Aussie design and quality. An R.M. Williams belt will stand the test of time if you take care of it!
The great thing about Barmah Hats is that they can be folded down so you can carry one in your pocket while getting on with whatever you need to do. Perfect!
A single sheepskin rug adds a touch of luxury to a home. Sheepskin is also very supportive so makes a great seat cover!
Eagle Wools sheepskin Pram inserts keep little ones cool in the summer and nice and cosy in the winter. They’re also wonderfully supportive to growing joints!
Sheepskin Infant Care Rugs are so soft and supportive. You never know, they might even keep baby in one place for a while as they’re so snuggly!
Cow Hides are a great looking way to bring the rugged outdoors into a home? Did you know that no two cow hides are ever the same?
Fiona comes from right here in WA. So, her books are a ’must read’ for anyone interested in Australian rural fiction.
Alpaca Wool Teddies are so cuddly. Also, their fleeces are hypoallergenic, so these teddies are great for kids with allergies!

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